Holding Onto My Faith

Earlier this year I bought a really pretty bracelet. I bought it for two reasons. It was silver and the second reason was that it simply blinged "Faith". I knew that the bracelet was unique in that it has a magnetic closure piece. I so love this bracelet. Often times when I look at my life when I mess up or things don't go my way I simply say, "My faith never wavers". So wearing a faith bracelet daily is pretty special to me.

It didn't take long for me to realize that keeping up with my bracelet was a small challenge. We were in Krogers one evening and I think my son bumped into me and I didn't realize the bracelet had come off. Imagine being in the middle of Krogers and deciding to go up and down every aisle until it was located. I had lost my faith but I wasn't content until it was thoroughly searched for. Tyler found it laying by the salad selections. He had found my faith and given it back to me. 

There were times when I would accidently drop my faith only to pick it back up and put it where it belonged. Recently I was walking across campus and for some reason the bracelet fell off like twice. Each time my faith fell, I picked it up. I didn't know if this was a sign from God or not but I tell you that after that second time I put my bracelet on and said outloud, "God, I'm going to hold on to my faith and not let it go." I did just that and it never came off again that day until I took it off. Now when I wear my bracelet I'm always checking on faith to make sure it's there. 

I was talking to my son about my bracelet and he told me, "Ma, everytime you think you have lost it you've always found it." Wow, everytime I thought I lost my faith I went searching for it until I could find it to hold onto again. Sometimes our faith is all we have. My faith never wavers. 

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 KJV


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