Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For Your Glory (feat. Calvin Nowell)

I saw FreeWorship on The Word Network tonight for the very first time. This song instantly spoke to my heart. I simply ask that you press play and allow this song to minister to you.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Guess Who? 2K17 ~ This One Is On You

This I dedicate to Mr. Ridgley.....
I pray that all things work out for you. 

Remind me again why you returned to my life?
No, seriously entertain me with your answers. 
How many times can you crush my heart?
Attempt to drown my spirits?
Exactly how many times?
You’ve done it 3 times.
The last was the charm.
Did you really pack up and tell me you were going back?
Dude… Seriously?
The last 10 months of this?
Part of the almost 20 years of this?
And this is how you rock with me?
I've sat in ICU praying over you. 
I've held your hand on the cancer floor.
Listening to your heart cry.
Wiping away the pain, the anguish.
I’ve been there as you deal with tubes, scars and uncertainties. 
And you decide that I don't treat you like a man. 
That once again the hell with me and you go back?
Again… Oh, and leave you alone. Don't talk to you. 
You know what? You're real smart, quite the intelligent soul. 
I gotta question for you.
Do you know whose daughter I am? Tsk...
You know I'm a King’s kid? Right? Please don't get it twisted me and my Daddy tight. 
He don't take kindly to the mistreatment of his own. 
Especially when they are anointed and created on purpose for purpose.
I ain't even gonna hit you with "you gonna reap what you sow'. 
Nah, that's too easy for you.
How about the enemy will be made your footstool?
Or remember how quickly you got up through….Submit to God, Resist the devil and he will flee. 
As I draw close to Him, He draws close to me.
You're double minded
Not even realizing that the favor that rested on me was falling on you.
You ever wonder why the doctors were amazed at your recovery?
You were anointed and prayed over daily.
But you... With your selfish unappreciative self.
You leave carnage on your journey and you don't give one damn about anyone but yourself. 
I'm gonna do you a favor. 
Imma pray really hard because you're gonna need it. 
The price you're about the pay…
For the pain, hurt...
Man… You got your out
but the repercussion for this?
You may just have to pay with the very thing you're fighting for.

My Friend Matthan

Matthan and I met several years ago at our pastor's house. It took a while for us to warm up to each other but once we did we realized we had a lot in common. We both love God and our birthdays are in November. When we initially met he was going through some life changing situations, one was changing his name. I remember when he told me what he was changing his name to.... Matthan. Hmm... Not to long passed before I came up with the phrase, "My friend Matthan."

One of the things that I love about him is his sense of style. This brother always has cool accessories, socks, ties, you name it. I remember seeing him with some bracelets on one day. I was so drawn to them that I asked for them. Yes, I did. He told me no while he also told me where he bought them and what they meant. So I pushed, well go buy some more bracelets. It could all be so simple. lol I don't remember the day but one day he gave me a set of bracelets similar to his and I was so happy.

Possibly what I didn't know was how much they would mean to me. I wear them a lot and I don't care if they match my outfit. They mean more to me than being coordinated. There is a certain peace that I receive from wearing them. It's that same peace I receive from my friendship with Matthan.

I've been on a journey lately and he was one of those people that checked in on me almost daily and that meant a lot because we are all busy with our lives. So, if someone just takes the time to say, "Hey, you ok?" or "How are you?" that means that friendship is based on something solid. Within the past weeks the journey has taken a different turn and he has been there and I've worn those bracelets almost everyday. I have them on now. Peace is so important to me. 

On this past Sunday I dragged myself to church. Like literally. It was rough. I saw Matthan up front worshiping and I was glad because I didn't want him near me. After worship he walks to the back and he sees me.... I pretty much fell apart in his presence. He let me cry on his shoulder and he prayed over me and encouraged me. It brings me to tears as I reflect on that moment right now. I kind of knew that would happen. I probably needed that to happen. 

I thank God for him. I thank God for taking us through our storms and differences, it's made our friendship stronger so that we can be supportive of each other through the good and bad times. There are so many cool things happening for him and that are going to happen for him. I'm so appreciative of God for blessing me with my friend Matthan.

Friends, how many of us have them... Ones you can depend on.