DISCLAIMER:  I did get permission from the lady this is about to share this with you all today.  I feel like it will bless many of you.  

I was up praying this morning, and God told me to give this young lady a call. When I began to pray for her, it’s like the Lord opened up the curtains and showed me the current state of her life behind them.  I saw her sitting alone in her car crying and saying, “God, why am I always robbing Peter to pay Paul?”  And, I could see her being stressed and worried saying to God, I don’t always want to be leasing and renting and going from place to place.  I want my own home, but I can’t see how that can happen because of my finances.”  

She began to cry and said that she said those EXACT words yesterday.  She also told me that she was packing up her current apartment to move again. She also shared about the financial burden she has been under as a single mother.  LOLOL   Now, I’m only sharing this to let you, whoever you are reading this right now, know that God is REAL!  He speaks to us.  He shows us things.  I’m not any different from any of you.   I merely went upstairs to pray,and while I was worshipping God, He interrupted me and said to call her! My God! I feel like running.  I don’t know who I’m speaking to this morning, but if you call out to God, He will interrupt someone and tap them on their shoulder and say, “Hey, call….fill in the blank with YOUR NAME.  AND, SUDDENLY, that person will obey and give you a word of encouragement so precise that you know that only God could reveal that.  You are not limited by your resources!  God has people all over the world that can hear Him and bless you just in the nick of time! Come on somebody…pressed down, shaken together and running over will MAN GIVE to YOU!  God wants to help you and bless you and meet your every need!  Don’t look at your bank account, look at your God!  

I also told her not to be limited in her thinking of HOW God will bless her.  God is creative and can provide for usin unconventional ways!  Remember when Peter needed to pay taxes, Jesus told him to go fishing, and pull out the first fish he caught.  When he opened the fish’s mouth, he found the coin to pay his and Jesus’ taxes.  LOL   What about the leper that needed healing and was told to go dip in the nasty, dirty river seven times? And, he reluctantly obeyed, but when he did, he was healed.  And, what about the widow that was in debt and in trouble with the debt collectors? My God, I feel like preaching today. LOLOL In II Kings, a widow was in debt and the creditor was coming to sell her sons into slavery (OK, so you think you’ve got problems. LOL  They may threaten to re-possess your car, but can you imagine someone coming to take your children in exchange for your debt? )  The widow said she only had one jar of oil left. The prophet told the widow to go borrow vessels and he said not to borrow a few!  Wow!  You have to expand your expectation to receive the abundance before it will ever come to you!  Who am I talking to today?  You’ve had so many disappointments and struggles that you are tired and worn down from the fight.  LOL  Hey, raise your expectation again!  Be inspired by what God did today and believe again.  Believe again.  Believe again.  That’s not a typo, I felt like repeating that so it can get deep into your spirit today. LOL  

Back to my point, the widow obeyed Elisha and the bible says that as she poured the oil into the vesselsmore appeared. (That’s another message in itself.  I’m not going there right now. LOL) But, these are unconventional ways that God provided for his children. I’m telling you what I told her, be open to God providing in unique ways in this season!  It may come from a complete stranger, but God knows how to get you what you need!! Listen, you may be down TO YOUR LAST, but you are not limited by YOUR resources!  Your father in heaven is giving you access to HIS resources.  God has an unrestrained life for you to live where you are free from worry about your provision.  He is Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord that provides. 

also told this young lady that God showed me a door above her head and on the other side of those doors were so many blessings that when the right lever was pushed, those doors opened and all the blessings that had been stored up for her came down on and around her like an avalanche!Now, you need to just rejoice and receive this FOR YOURSELF!  LOL   You can’t look at your bank account and think that God can only bless you according to what you have. There is a door above you and all you have to do is press the lever and the door will open and the provision  will come down! Come on somebody!  LOLOL I feel this thing today. LOL

Furthermore, God began to tell me HOW to get that lever pushed so those doors would open for the great avalanche of abundance to fall on her.  Here were her instructions.  Now, take note and apply these for your own life:

1) Don’t continue to talk about how bad your problems are. Most of the time, you are innocently just describing your situation.  Don’t describe your situation, change it with you words.  This way, you won’t constantly be putting negative confessions about your life and finances in the atmosphere without realizing it.  Become more aware of what you say all day long. Stay positive in your confession.

2) You must prophesy your future and speak what you need and desire for your life!  Death and life are in the power your tongue.   Use your mouth to release your blessings. Speak those things that aren’t as though they were.  

3) PRAISE is the key that will open the door and unlock those blessings!!  Open your mouth and bless God!  Your thanksgiving and worship will push that lever and before you know it all kinds of provision will fall down and aroundyou.

OK, I need to run, but you have know that God has a life for you where you live unrestrained and free from worry about your finances and where you will live or how you will accomplish anything your heart desires.  God’s got resources you can’t even imagine.  Always remember, you are never limited by your own resources.  God can have someone send you a check in the mail, have a creditor forgive you debt, or cause you to get an unexpected raise…it can be totally unconventional. God has an abundance of resources and all you have to do is get in agreement with Him, speak what you need and praise Him for the manifestation.  This is the unrestrained life to live.  

Love ya!   Have a blessed, prosperous and productive day! 


Da'dra Crawford Greathouse is a member of the Gospel group Anointed and currently serves as a Worship Leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. 


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