Drew Chambers Is Eliminated From Sunday's Best

I really don't get into reality shows, especially competitions. But occassionaly I venture and watch BET Sunday's Best. Why? I love God and I love music that makes me think about and feel God's presence. I won't talk about previous shows, except to say I love Andrea Helms, but I will talk about last night's episode.

I watched the tryouts which are generally really good or really bad. Is there any in between? But I heard a voice and I said, "Oh, I'll watch this season." Immediately I was drawn to the voice and the ministry of Drew Chambers. So okay, he made it through the auditions let the show begin. The first group of singers were on last week's show and of course I'm like, "Where's Drew?" He tells me he will be on the upcoming show, which aired last night. Oh, ok, Drew told me over Twitter it wasn't a text or anything. We're not like friends or anything. 

Last night at 8PM I'm planted in front of the TV and eventually Drew sings, I wanted to hear more but it's a show with limited time so maybe I'll get more next week. Well, no I won't because Drew was eliminated last night. Hmmm. I feel some kind of way. I go to Twitter and I have a small venting session, I'm a bit bothered. I had to call my friend, a young guy who has a strong musical background, and we discussed the issue surrounding what is Sunday's Best. 

We live in 2014 where to be honest some African American families are leaving the traditional black church for nondemoninational culturally diverse churches. On any given Sunday you can hear Praise Teams singing, "Our God" (Chris Tomlin), "The Anthem" (The PlanetShakers) or "Because Of Who You Are" (Martha Munizzi). So the question is "What is Sunday's Best?" I watched that entire show last night and not every contestant was up to their best. The contestant who ministered, "Go Get It' by Mary Mary. She was allowed to stay even though she clearly messed up notes. Clearly. But I guess she gets to continue on because she fits the mold for Sunday's Best. I guess.

To me Sunday's Best is an artist who capitvates and allows you to hear a little bit of heaven. That doesn't require a bunch of riffs and runs. Sometimes it simply means a pure voice that sings with a heart after God that apparently doesn't always win a gospel music competition. Before I watched the show last night I went to YouTube and I heard Drew sing http://youtu.be/JA3Uh73YWY8

Drew didn't make the cut last night but boy did his dismissal from the show have an impact that went beyond cultural lines. It provided some good conversation online about race, gospel music and the idea of "the anointing". To me that was possibly the best thing that happened on a Sunday. 

Side note. Even if alone I'm silently protesting this season of Sunday's Best. 


  1. I do feel there is something wrong. Our Caucasian sisters and brothers are not judged fairly.


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