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DICK'S Sporting Goods Presents: Fifth Ward Saints

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Seek Search Seize ~ Matthew 6:33

On last Wednesday I'm driving home from work and simply pressed record on my phone. I pray this blesses you.

Yet, The Keeper

The doll sat years unattended to
After being separated from the last owner
The doll didn’t get passed around
Or selected by another owner
Yet, she sat
In her splendor she allowed the Light to shine on her
To heal 
To learn 
To grow
As fate would have it the former keeper reemerged
A better version from before
He knew how to find her
And he did
Yet, he was scared
He had been hidden in the darkness
Yet, her light gave him hope
Hope that offered him peace
Yet, he was scared
More so he didn’t want to harm 
Or separate from
What he now realized 
He always had
The very treasure he had been searching for

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So, it's been 7 weeks and 1 day. How do I know that? I just do and today is my birthday eve so I have all kinds of thoughts and emotions. Back in February 2009 a relationship ended that broke my heart, left me sad and hating snow days. If I were real honest he and I shouldn't have been together then. I was separated and nearing divorce and he had stuff going on. We tried. It didn't work.

     When it ended it was like "ugh" another failed relationship. So for the past 7 years I've focused on my sons, ministry, work, you name it and I was doing it. I was busy. When I wasn't busy, I was sleepy because.... Well, I was busy.

     Honestly, I remember the weekend leading up to him reappearing. I had made a candle of hydrangea, lavender and chamomile. On that Sunday I lit it and said, "He would love this candle." I'm so serious when I say that the very next day I heard from him.

     What I believed to be that moment of openness and forgiveness quickly moved to the cover being removed off a hurt that I had carried and masked as being ok. I had to face myself and say honestly, "You've never healed." It still hurts. Now I was becoming not myself. It felt like my perfect ball of yarn had become unraveled. My truth about yarn is that I buy it and 1 of 2 people put it in a neat ball for me because I don't know how. Boy! Was this now more evident as I tried to maintain. I couldn't put the yarn back into a ball.

     I became frustrated, sad, and angry. I called on my friend Lauren, who is always a beacon of light. I called on God because now isn't a good time for dude to show up. As gentle as God is, He softly said, "I knew he would come. You have to deal with it because you never really have."

     My friend and I have had hard conversations and I mean hard. One day he repeated to me things I said to him or I did while we were together. I never voiced it but I thought, "Did I say that?" I'd always shared what he did or said. I had to be honest with self, yet again, I seldom revealed my hand in this. This is not to defend him but to disclose that I wasn't perfect in that relationship. To top it off one Sunday, Quiera came all the way from Atlanta to tell me through a sermon that sometimes it's not everyone else, sometimes it's you. "Who?" Smh. Yeah, it's time for me to self reflect.

     About 19 years ago I met him. He had me at hello. Our friendship survived downsizing, Katrina and failed relationships on both ends. We'd always had each other's backs until we became a couple. We were so used to always going to each other when crisis hit that we had no idea how to be out of crisis and at peace with each other.

     When I lit that beautifully scented candle I had not idea that at the thought of him, he would appear. Just maybe this will foster healing for both of us so that we can move forward. I know one thing for sure and two things for certain being unraveled is for the birds. I need to learn how to patiently put this yarn back into a ball.

*written 11.15.16 #mybirthdayeve

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Doll Keeper by Elliptical

Now this is an illusion we have seen before 
On my gloomiest days
I love when I see one in traffic or walking around the store
But the few I hold in the highest regard
The polynomial perplexed heavenly powerful
A circumference 360 degrees
No reform needed or modification
See, I've been all around the country
In and out of antique stores
Flee markets, houses, homes, and some hiding places
Looking for sweet-hearted, attractive and unalike
Just to make, organize, completely comparison section to none exhibition
In a lifelong process
Particular I am
And there's nothing wrong with me
Some collect
Collect to keep Collect to sale
But I'll keep looking  
And there's no wage in the world 
That can make me part with my doll