Good Morning Beautiful... That's Sweet Just Like Candy

Some days you simply don't forget. They stay etched in your mind forever. In May I attended a graduation ceremony at the Cintas Center. It had just poured downed raining, my allergies were killing me and I looked not myself. It was a no makeup, put on whatever, simply adjust the curls to my weave day. I sat in the handicap section because I was going to make a clean break as soon as I heard the names of my students called. I came for them but I had to leave for me. It was just one of those days.

As I sat in my seat I heard someone call my name. I looked around and didn't recognize a soul. I did say I was sick, right? I heard my name again and I began to think maybe Jesus is calling me home. I looked around again because well, the name Arlinda, is kinda uncommon. Again I recognized no one. This handsome darkskinned man walks up to me and says, "Arlinda, did you hear me calling you?" I look at him and he realized that I have no clue who he was. "Arlinda, it's Wiilliam from high school. Me and your brother were friends." I must of been really out of it because I am completely clueless and then he says his nickname. "Oh!!! Candy!!" That was my aha moment. Lol

Candy was my brother's friend in high school but of course it's been 28 years so charge it to my mind that I didn't remember him. We spoke for a minute. He introduced me to his family and friends and told me his niece was graduating, with high honors I must mention. Now after all of the introductions I'm thinking, I look and feel absolutely horrible, I just want to curl up and go to sleep.

I friend William on Facebook and we laugh and joke about my lack of recognition. It was cool. It was well needed laughter. One morning during our Good Morning Facebook exchanges he said, "Good Morning Beautiful". I think to myself, maybe he doesn't remember how I looked on that rainy graduation day but for the most part each day that is what he says to me. 

Yesterday I shared with him that I believe God sent him to remind me of how God sees me and his response kinda blew me away. "God isn't the only one who sees you that way." 

Sometimes what others see in us far outweighs what we see in ourselves. What I thought he saw was my negative image of myself. I had nothing good to say about myself that day but this guy who had not seen me in nearly 30 years, spotted me out of a crowded arena and he calls me beautiful. Now, that's sweet. Just like Candy. 


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