Down 55lbs #BePatientWithSelf

On June 7th when I reached a goal of losing 45lbs I was so excited and even more excited about the possiblity of losing 20 more by the end of the summer, I was thinking the end of August. Here it is 19 days later and I've lost 10 more pounds for a total loss of 55lbs. Wow!!! I may need to sit and recalculate my goals. By August I may have exceeded my personal expectations.

What this means is that not only am I closer to my summer goal but I am halfway to my overall goal of losing 100lbs by the end of the year. Some mornings I look at the scale and I am speechless and excited. Bless my girlfriends because they receive texts really early in the morning with my latest results. I'm learning that saying no is not bad at all, actually I am believing that it is making me stronger. I'm also learning that my weight loss journey is encouraging to others. When people give compliments I'm all smiles and simply humbled. 

Last week I went to purchase a new bra and when I was sized the salesperson said a number and it didn't match the size of the bra that I was wearing. I did a pump fist and yelled, "Yes!!!!" I've been so focused on the pounds that I didn't even think about the inches. Lol. People have been asking for a picture. I just may have one taken soon. It may be with this post or with the next one. I can't lie, this feels so good. I didn't do this for a man or a job. I didn't do it to be accepted or to grab attention. I did it for Arlinda. I did it so that I can have the energy and determination to fulfill God's purpose in my life. 

Losing the next 10lbs mean so much to me. It'll take me to a weight that I have not seen in 10 years. 10 years? That day will be two things; emotional and Spa Day!!!!!! Remember #BePatientWithSelf

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