Our Family Honors Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim

Today our family stood in line, with so many others who serve and protect our city, at the Cintas Center on the campus of Xavier University. We simply felt it important to come and honor Officer Sonny Kim and to come and hug and say hello to our friends that are police officers. Going through the line was an experience that showed so much love, care and concern for everyone attending. On the path there were tables of water and snacks. There were chairs lined up so people could sit and wait. Everyone received a blue ribbon to pin to themselves. Children clung to their parents and some peeped around their parents knees to sneak smiles at other children in line. 

As we moved closer to the room, where Officer Sonny Kim would be viewed, we saw many officers visibly in pain and in tears. That hurt so bad to see and it took everything in me to be strong and make it through the line. The slide show, the tables and tables of beautiful flowers and seeing the Kim family seated and receiving so many people further showed the love of our city and the incredible grace and class of the family of Officer Sonny Kim.

Today was a true sense of community, I feel blessed that we were able to be a part of the showing of support for Officer Sonny Kim and I'm hopeful that our city will heal and grow into a stronger Cincinnati.


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