Down 10 More Pounds For A Total Of Forty Pounds Lost- #BePatientWithSelf

It's 9:36 on April 16 and I am about 2lbs shy of my next weight loss goal, of 10lbs, that really should have happened sooner. No, for real. I slacked.

I'm learning to be patient with myself. I'm learning to understand my cravings and really pay attention to the days that I mess up. After I veer off track I sit and say "Really, Arlinda?" Lol The month of March was supposed to be so much better and it wasn't but it's gone and April is here. I am a bit more focused and determined to make this goal. Mainly because it's a challenge to my mind. I'm changing a lot of my views on food. One thing that I notice is how I feel after eating things that are not on my plan. I feel really tired and sometimes my stomach cramps up. I begin each day anew and just put yesterday behind me. 

There is one weekend that I messed up big time. It was Resurrection Weekend. I know that is a time for family and food. I had planned on the proteins and the green vegatables. I go to my parents' refrigerator and my father had made banana pudding. I think in my last post I may have mentioned, if slightly that this dessert is a weakness for me. 

When my father makes banana pudding the world kind of stops for me. I want the corner section and I want to sit down and just, just enjoy it. I ate the last of it because he had prepared it earlier in the week and there wasn't much left. Now this was on a Sunday. I called my mother on Tuesday to inquire what her and my father were doing and she said, "Your father is preparing another pan of banana pudding." Jesus take the wheel please!!!! Did I go to my parents on Wednesday? Yep! Before and after my meeting. Please keep me in prayer. #Smile

On the day that I post this message I will have reached my goal and I'll be even more excited to keep moving to lose the next 5, 10 or 15 pounds. I have even found a Hip Hop Aerobic class that I simply love!!! This last class had me dancing like I was in my living room listening to the Heavy D Pandora station. 

Previously, I had made some real serious plans to lose so much weight each month. It didn't go as planned. I guess I didn't factor in the banana pudding sightings. Smh. But still I keep moving, I still keep striving. 

Be blessed. Be encouraged. Be patient with self. 


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