God Makes No Mistakes ~ Honoring The Lives of Kelsie Crow and LaurenHill

Today is a very somber day in Cincinnati, Ohio. At Purcell Marian High School and on the campus of Xavier University family and friends have come together today to mourn the loss of two young ladies whose light was dimmed too soon. On April 4 Kelsie Crow, a 17-year-old junior at Purcell Marian, was killed after attending a Sweet 16 party and on April 10 we learned of the passing of the courageous 19-year-old Lauren Hill who capitivated our attention and stole our hearts with her battle with terminal brain cancer.

This weekend I sat and I thought, "God, I need to write something. I need to say something to honor them." In my readings about Kelsie and Lauren there are some reoccurring themes; laughter, athletic, friendliness and kindness. They had so much to look forward to yet now all their loved ones have are memories. 

When I became stuck in writing this piece I went to my mother. She told me to write about how with Kelsie's death we have a long way to go with raising our children to not hurt or kill each other. We have to combat the thought of "No Snitching". Write about how Kelsie was hanging out at her friend's birthday party yet she won't see another one of her own. Talk about how Lauren in 19 years accomplished more than some people two or three times her age. That she persevered in spite of, until she couldn't fight any longer. Lauren raised money, she raised awareness. She showed us that dreams can and will come true. 

I'm 45 and my mother is 67. I can't help but think about the mothers of these young women. The moments wished for that will never happen; marriage, pregnancies, and graduations. Though I'm sure at some point in their lives Kelsie and Lauren went to their moms for an important talk, just as I did with mine yesterday, and I pray that those moments are forever treasured. I pray that their mothers know that they birthed greatness. 

So, why was it so important for me to write about these two young ladies? I needed for people to know that they impacted me. They were old enough to be my daughters or my nieces. They could have been my students. When I think about them I have to continue to say to myself, "God makes no mistakes." I take comfort in that. 

I don't find it a coincidence that their lives were celebrated today in neighboring communties. There is a closeness in this sadness that is connecting people and bringing them together. How awesome is our God!!

Kelsie and Lauren you two were called on earth for purpose and to be light. I know it's hard for your family and friends right now and there are many people lifting them up in prayer. I pray that your deaths will bring about conversations and changes in several different areas. Justice will be served and lives will be saved because of two beautiful teenage girls who are now angels. 

Kelsie Crow and Lauren Hill will never be forgotten. For those of us still here on earth I pray that we all realize that we are called on earth for purpose and to be light in dark places. Even in the sorrow of death and trying to make sense of things that don't make sense, we have to hold onto God for He makes no mistakes. 


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