I Get It From My Mama – Happy Mother’s Day


Is this year going by rapidly or is it just me? Mother’s Day is here and this blog is specifically written for my mother. For those who know me I have several passions in life. They are, in no order, children, church, writing, music, organizing, and school supplies. Yes, school supplies too. I get all of that from my mama.

I remember when Sears was on Reading Road in Avondale and it was time for school to start my mother would go and buy more than enough paper and pencils. Not because we needed it but because it was on sale and she knew that someone would need it eventually. So now right before school starts please don’t tell me that folders are a dime or packs of paper are a fifty cents. I spend a great deal of time in Staples and Office Depot making sure that I get more than enough. Somebody is going to need it. lol There might be some supplies in the closet as we speak. :)

Now the gift of writing, I wonder if it was a forced gift or something I just had in me. My mother was in so many organizations growing up. Memorial Community Center and MAARC (that might be spelled wrong) to name a couple. I think she may have served as secretary in some of those organizations and she did take good notes but she didn’t type them. That was my job. I was in the eighth grade when I had my first typing class and you had better believe I have been typing every since. My mother kept a typewriter near me. Eventually we had a computer at home and well the rest is history.

Musically my mother is like a mezzo soprano but I didn’t get that from her. I think we all got our love for music from her. I remember going to the Kool Jazz Festivals and just sitting outside the venue listening to the artists perform. Now, if Al Green was at the festival we definitely were there. I even remember clearing the living room furniture when were little and listening to music and dancing around room. If you come to my house we do the same thing. Heck, we don’t even keep the living room table in the “proper” spot because we are always dancing and singing at home.

“The Brown House” generally had a porch or staircase filled with kids growing up. My mother also directed the children’s choir when were little and afterwards we would go to Busken’s for doughnuts. My mother always loved on us, and she still does. How you see me loving on my children and my niece and nephew…I really get that from my mama too.

Now that I am older I won’t just say church was important. Working in ministry was  and still is important in my mother’s life. I often say there is a difference growing up and going to church and growing up and working in ministry. As a child I remember working the church dinners, and putting together anniversary booklets. There were days that we were there before the doors open and when the doors closed. My children are experiencing some of those same things…I get it from my mama.

Professionally I am a teacher and for the longest I had no idea that my mother wanted to be a teacher. Now she has two daughters who teach and a grandson who is studying education in undergrad. I guess in essence when I reflect on my love for life, God, family, and others, I get all of that from my mama.

Happy Mother’s Day Mammaw!!!!!!!


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