Sitting On The Same Line

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Well, how about some months? I remember the first Sunday that I came into contact with Isaac Quaye. He was worshipping at my church and for some reason I just did not want to hear him. I didn’t know him at all, he seemed like a happy person though. Talk about first impressions.

At that time it was a bit chaotic in my church life and hearing praise and worship that particular morning was not on my to do list. So I went upstairs and just stayed there.

Several other times Isaac worshipped at our church and I still didn’t extend a friendly, Christian welcome. I was actually trying to exit church, not make new friends. I wanted to stay home and watch The Word Network. (Another one of my “Keep it real moments”). Then Founder’s Day came at my church and I heard Isaac sing a Fred Hammond song and I was like “Whoa!” he’s good. At that moment I worshipped and I felt like the presence of God had been ushered in. It was an amazing experience.

Over the next several months my pastor talked about Isaac’s debut cd launch for “My Secret Place”. Even though it was cold the day of the launch and I was a bit busy I knew I had to be there. That night is when Isaac and I first interacted and from that night on we’d joke about my ability to get some things done and the fact that he didn’t know what my name was.

Fast track to April 15. I actually sat down and talked with Isaac and ended up filming him during worship service. Before service started he asked me where was I going to sit and that he would sit on the same line as me. What? You mean row right? Then he told me that he would just sit behind me and cover me completely. After that night I had a different appreciation and respect for him as a person and as a worship leader.

So, when I ran into him about a month later and he was selling his cd’s, talking to people about the cd and autographing cd’s all at the same time. I joked with him and told him he needed a manager to help him out and he agreed with me. The next day God placed it on my heart to continue the conversation with Isaac. I now manage Isaac Quaye Ministry and I count it all joy. For I know God has a plan and I feel it is working together for my good.

Just in the past couple of weeks I feel like I am living out a dream. Like God prepared me, with my writing and organizing skills, my creativity and especially my love for who God is in my life, for a such a time as this. Isaac and I are definitely sitting on the same line now, going forward to save, deliver, and inspire.

Last week Isaac spoke to me about supporting children in his home country of Ghana, through his organization The Refuge Project. Isaac told me “I’m taking you to Ghana.” and you know what I truly believe it.

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Not only is Isaac Quaye vocally talented but he seeks after God’s will and God’s heart. He has a passion for worship and for young people that is undeniable. He has a humble and determined spirit that I believe is going to impact nations and bring lost souls to Christ.


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