Local Cincinnati Minister Blesses Those In Need On Independence Day

Yesterday a local minister and his son took time out of their day to bless those who are less fortunate. In the video you will see Minister Carmel Pinkney and his son feeding and ministering near the intersection of Vine and Liberty Streets.

Upon seeing the video I was immediately drawn to it. Yesterday was Independence Day and many people spent the day with family and friends celebrating the holidays. This act of kindness shows the grace and compassion that Jesus gives all of us.

What I simply love about this video is the appreciation of those on the receiving end. Imagine being on that receiving end. Sitting outside on a holiday with no family, no picnic, you're just simply trying to survive until the next day and someone, a stranger blesses you. What Minister Pinkney and his son provided to the people in this video was not only food but also light and hope.

We are blessed to be a blessing and this father and son were definitely a blessing to others yesterday.


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