Learn To Have Fun In Your Mirror

On December 4th my friend came over and gave me a new look. It's always a fun time getting through the process. Sending me to the hair store is so funny and I think Enjoli now knows to send me with a list or just come with me. There are somethings I get, going to the hair store renders me clueless. What I know for sure is that I love the hair color 1B/30. Love it!!! After a sew in it's always cool to play in my mirror. To capture my new look and to say to myself.. Oh, she cute!! 

Growing up I loved flipping through magazines and looking at my favorite fashion models, Beverly Johnson, Iman, and Wanakee to name a few. I loved and still do love shopping for make up. I love the MAC counter but staying on a budget I stay in Milani Makeup. In this pic I have Milani eyes and Jordana lips. The funny thing about the lip liner is that it's eyeliner but I love the color and I rock it daily. (Easyliner for eyes in Coffee Bean and Lip Out Loud Gloss in TTYL)

I love this picture of me. It really captures the essence of how I see myself most days. If I dwelled on other people's perceptions of me I would be a mess. I have to stay focused on how I see myself and if I don't like what I see I need to determine how to get to my best self. You have to deal with what you see in your mirror. The one you look in daily and not worry about other's thoughts of you. Do you have fun in your mirror? Are you happy with you? If you are not, no one else will be either. Yes, I love hair and makeup but I love Arlinda way more. God has been doing a work on me. I'm hard on myself, sometimes my confidence slips. Sometimes God has to place me in front of a mirror to remind me of the me created by Him. 

Learn not only to have fun in your mirror but to appreciate who you are in your mirror. What you see is looking back at you and it's so very beautiful. 


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