Standing In The Presence Of Greatness

I love when my friends have incredible experiences. I totally believe that we are created on purpose to do incredible things. I also believe that our gifts make room for us and puts us before great men. 

So, recently I was on Facebook. I see this picture of my friend Greg, who teaches and practices martial arts, standing with a group of men & The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Instantly I became like an extra proud friend. I was like "Oh, my God! How cool is this." Greg is such a humble man in that he never brags or boasts about things like this. Had he shared this with me in conversation I probably would have drove him crazy with my questions like, "How did it feel to be in that room?, How were you picked?, Did you know in advance?" Even as I look at the picture now I'm still like "Wow!" I'll probably still drive him crazy with my questions when I see him. 

One thing that many people are not aware of is that I have great respect for Minister Louis Farrakhan. Growing up my father ensured that we were exposed to the Nation of Islam. I can't tell you much about them but I know I enough to respect their faith and their presence in our communities. I was so excited recently when Minister Louis Farrakhan was on The Word Network with Pastor Jamal Bryant. I made sure my sons sat and listened to what he had to say. I believe that he is one of those great people and leaders that they simply need to pause and listen to him. I even remember seeing him back in the 90's while I was in college. We were so excited, we stood in the rain and had to give up our umbrellas but we had come to far to not hear him. 

I know in his well put together self my friend was honored to be in his presence. I hope that Greg also knows that when his students and players are with him they are standing in the presence of greatness also. Greg, keep doing amazing things and watch as doors continue to open. 

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