Chance Meeting

It was a Friday afternoon and I am sitting on my porch with my family and a door to door sales guy comes and tries to sell me something. I was not going to buy anything nor was I thinking that this 5 minute sales pitch would turn into a nearly four hour visit.

What happens when a 45 year old African American woman sits down and spends time with a 26 year old Caucasian male? A whole lot of laughter and discussions about nearly everything under the sun. He's from San Diego. He drove here for a new job opportunity. He likes to hunt and eat what he hunts. Ummmm... Yeah. About that. One, a drive from San Diego just doesn't seem right to me and two, you kill the ducks, eat the breast (stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon) and you give the rest of the duck to the coyotes? Oh, this conversation was quite interesting. 

We sat and had lemonade and strawberry shortcakes. We watched the train go buy and I told him about feeling like I live on Little House On The Prairie. He met everyone that was home at the time. We discussed his shortened collegiate football career and his view on relationships and divorce. I think that after he saw that I wasn't buying the product he was selling that he decided to just simply enjoy this unique moment. 

After my friends left we discussed fashion and he showed me pics of his parents and more hunted animals from his Facebook page. I shared my blog with him and I asked if I could take a pic of him. Hence forth my Love Jones moment and with each pic he seemed to get more comfortable on my porch. He threw the football with my son and we had laughable conversations about stereotypes. For instance the perception that white people know everything and black people are reluctant to travel long distances in a car. In a time when there are many racial issues in the news, especially in our city, this moment was reflective of the possiblity of people of different races simply getting along and laughing at and with each other. 

One of the funniest moments I recalled is when he did something real silly and I said, "I can't." He responded, "You can't what?" Lol That was much needed laughter from all of us. We had to explain to him the urban definition of I can't. By the end of the visit he used the phrase on me. We both laughed at the interaction. 

Prior to him leaving I sent some of the pics of him to my girlfriends. What a conversation that prompted. He even took a selfie and sent a text to them. The evening ended with us taking a selfie. How cute. It didn't hurt that he's 6'5 and quite attractive. He took our pic and offered to clean up the mess we made. We hugged and he gave me his information, you know in case I wanted to purchase a new system. 

Recently we were inboxing on Facebook about all of us going out to dinner before he leaves to go home and he said to me, "Been checking out your blog... Ain't no white chocolate stories!!!! Smh." Lol Well here it is Alex, yeah go figure him and my son share names, the story that you have been waiting for. I'm so glad we met. I can't wait for us to meet up again for more fun, more laughter and more selfies. 


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