I Just Needed To Get Into God's Presence

After the week that I had if I knew nothing else I knew I had to attend a worship service. I knew that wherever I attended it had to be powerful. I needed to hear from God quick fast and in a hurry. I wasn't looking for anything specific, I simply needed to hear His voice and be in His presence. Each day magnified this desperate need. 

Several months ago there was a reality show on cable entitled Preach. While watching it I was introduced to the ministry of Prophetess Linda Roark. There was something about her that drew me in and I said to myself, "I'm going to vist her church." This week I contacted her and Angel about the church's Thursday service. Maybe that time to visit was now. 

On yesterday I arrived at my parent's home, after taking my final exams, and I see my son looking sad. He's trying to process being put off his basketball team and he clings to me near tears. I'm thinking God, this is more than I can handle. God, I need You. I'm trying to balance home, school and my personal life. In my parent's home I find the best rest and so I fell asleep and woke up to Prophetess Linda Roark's message about the church's empowerment service. My son and I went home, changed clothes and got on the road to Hamilton, Ohio. What's funny right now is that I am just realizing the church is 30 minutes away. Yesterday time and distance meant absolutely nothing to me. 

At the beginning of worship we find ourselves at World Commissioned Church. Not only were we blessed beyond measure in the service but the members were so warm and you could feel the love. Worship was everything that I needed and I, not by own will, went up for prayer. Just thinking about it right now causes me to pause and reflect. We left there with burdens lifted. We left there more encouraged than when we came. I saw my son differently. He worshipped. He studied. He heard that we are victorious. 

After service we met Prophetess Linda Roark and Angel. They are the most warm and loving women. When they hugged me I could feel the comfort I've needed after this week of events. I felt like God had answered so many prayers. Service was not even over and I knew I would be back. There's no place I'd rather be then in His presence. 


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