Stuart Scott ~ What Excellence Looks Like

Last Sunday while preparing for my son's tournament in Huntington, WV we sat in our hotel room watching t.v. and just like so many times over the years one of my sons turned to ESPN. That is where we heard the announcement that Stuart Scott had passed. We watched a woman overwhelmed with grief share with the world the news of his death and then a video played in honor of him. We sat there in silence.

So this week I kept asking myself how do I even know who Stuart Scott is? I don't watch ESPN, let alone know any other anchors besides Stuart Scott. As I read more about him I learned that he began at ESPN in 1993. My oldest son was born in 1992. Now it's starting to kinda make sense. 

I think it was around 1st or 2nd grade that I noticed my son, who is now 22, turning to ESPN. Again another question comes up. "How does he know to turn to ESPN?" There was something on ESPN that had capitivated his attention for him to tune in daily. Yes, he loves sports but it was something different, something more. For years I just thought that was just what boys do, watch ESPN first thing in the morning.

On Sunday last week I remember a sadness in our hotel room for both of my sons. You see Stuart Scott had positively reached my sons via the television. He had modeled for them that you can be yourself and be successful. That being cool and hip doesn't mean that you are not intelligent. In very simple and real terms Stuart Scott was articulate, well dressed and gifted in an area that for many years a 'Stuart Scott' didn't exist. So my sons woke each morning and found a role model to watch. They for years turned to ESPN and discovered excellence. A family man. A man of faith. A man of courage and a man of strength. For that, to Stuart Scott I say thank you for modeling for years what excellence looks like for so many young men and women.

I've read a lot on Stuart Scott this past week. What a life well lived that will impact many people for years to come. Our family sends light and love to his parents, siblings and his daughters, Taelor and Sydni. In you his light will continue to shine. 


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