InouGsio 3rd Grade at Youth Elite Showcase (Huntington, WV)

This weekend InouGsio's class of 2024, coached by Eric Jackson, traveled to Huntington, WV to compete in the Youth Elite Showcase on the campus of Marshall University. Pool play began on January 4 against WV Titans and Shady Elite. InouGsio  was undefeated in both of those games.

Sunday the competition continued with their first game at 2PM against Shady Elite, with 1:54 left InouGsio was up 34-2. After an unexpected wait InouGsio met Kentucky Heat on the court at 6PM to compete for a spot to play for the championship, with 43 seconds remaining in the game the team from Indy was up 49-19 and would go on to play for the championship against the WV Titans. 

After a hard fought game, several times the competing team's scores were only one point apart. InouGsio hung in there and came out with the victory 34-28. 


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