Trying To Shake It Off - Loving This Taylor Swift Song

Back in August I knew Beyonce was going to perform on the MTV VMA's. That was about the only reason I was going to watch this show. I sit and wait and wait. While waiting I see some performances and I'm thinking, "What is music coming to?" When they introduce Taylor Swift I immediately think, "Oh, I should turn the channel. I don't listen to her." I can't, well couldn't name one Taylor Swift song until now.

As the performances goes along, I'm just nodding my head to the beat. My 3rd grader starts dancing. My thoughts wonder again, "What the h...?" Here we listen to Gospel Music, you know like Fred Hammond. We listen to Rap Music, Jay Z, Drake, Pac, Biggie. We listen to Beyonce and Brandy. Ok. Ok. That's a whole nother blog "How Fred Hammond, Jay, and Drake Get Me Through My Days". 

But what we haven't listened to is Taylor Swift. I did some research. The demograpic of the people who would most likely listen to her music are white female college/graduate students. Where do I fall into that demographic. Female college/graduate student, who since 4th grade has attended schools with mostly white students. Hmmm..

At any rate, whenever Shake It Off comes on the radio it goes on blast. 0  to 100 real quick. Imagine that, my son and me riding through the urban streets of Cincinnati singing and dancing to this song. It's kinda crazy and fun. Seems like a moment straight out of the new show Blackish. 

One day my son asked me when was I going to buy the song on iTunes. That way we can listen whenever we want to. I, um, well, you see I just........ What?

I should go ahead and buy it though. That's my jam!!

Maybe it's me who needs to shake it off, shake if off. 


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