Step Out There

You will never know what you are capable of until you step out there and test the waters. You can sit and look at the water, you can talk to people about the water but you will never know how you operate in that water until you get out there in it.

How many opportunites have you not taken hold of because of fear? Ever heard, "I'm not good enough."or "I could never do that."? All of that self doubt has consumed you and your thinking. You have missed out on so much and time is of the essence. Time can't be retrieved. You have to move on to the next experience. 

When you get to that experience and fear grips your mind say to yourself, "I am good enough." and "I can do that." Honor who God purposed you to be and get out there and test the waters. God not only has amazing things in store for you but guess what? He will even calm the waters when they get rough.



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