🎶🎶Laptop Bluez 🎶🎶

Standing in the corner there's always a constant
Polo & Apple
Sometimes McDonald's, maybe granola
His days are filled with iTunes, Google, this site, that site
From the phone to Mac to Compaq
After several months you notice stuff
Like, what do you do at night? Do you go out on the weekend?
I'm waiting for the moment when I hear I did this or I did that. 
It ain't happened yet. 
But good stuff comes out of the Apple
Music never heard of. 
Hey, can I borrow that Mac. 
Naw, at night that's all I got. 
Money short. 
Can't go beyond a date. 
How many you know want that?
Since I'm not associated with Gallup I had no answer. 
So, I just simply let the music play on that Mac Book. 
As he remotely changed the songs from his iPhone. 
You can do that? 
Well I suppose he would know. 
His Mac is all he got. 


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