Selfie Sunday @ Light of the World Ministries (Cincinnati, Ohio)

On Sunday March 31 our pastor decided our church would have Selfie Sunday.  So right before he preached, Is It Still Good To You, he told us to get our phones out and take pictures with those next to us. 

After church ended we all went crazy taking selfies with our friends and members. My pastor took a pic with EVERYBODY!!! Lol. He even got me to get in one too. (See Above)

More pics that I took are below. 

If you go on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and search #GetLOW #ILoveMyChurch you will find incredible pics from our Selfie Sunday. 


  1. Yes for glory to God today with thankgiving around the world with blessing and new strength today to move on in Jesus name and believe in revival that come soon in power of God,thanks and bless,keijo sweden


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