Light Of The World Ministries (Cincinnati, Ohio) #MarchMadness Recap

When our pastor gave the vision for our March Madness Series my immediate thought was, “We’re going to do what?”  We’re used to church on Sunday and Happy Hour, bible study, on Wednesday but you’re expecting us to have company on a Thursday and two Fridays during March. On top of that we’re hosting some heavy hitters in ministry. Dr. R. A. Vernon, of The Word Church in Cleveland, Pastor Eric Petree, of City Gate Church in Cincinnati, and Pastor Paul Mitchell, of Revival Center Ministries in Dayton.

Now, after incredible worship experiences, I can say that this series was probably one the best that I’ve been to. Each night was it’s own special moment and to see people worship corporately and share on social media and via texts how they had experienced God in major ways was amazing.


March 13 – Dr. R. A. Vernon preached from “The Prayer of Jabez”. You have to be careful not to let your mess mess up your children. Never make an external indictment until you make an internal investigation. My greatest prayer is that my life doesn’t mess up my babies.

March 21 – Pastor Eric Petree – Well he first set it off when he began singing “I Won’t Complain” from that moment on it was all about worship. He preached “Favored But Fruitless” from 1 Samuel 1:7 where Hannah wept and did not eat because she could not bear a child. He discussed who or what was the Peninnah in our lives. He posed the question, “How long has it been since you have had a spiritual birth?

March 28 – Paul Mitchell came from 2 Peter 2:15-17, “Stop The Madness” If you change a man’s heart you can change his life. The devil is after the mind. What good is it to gain the world? I’m saved but my mind is jacked up. A lot of stuff you are waiting for Jesus to cure. He’s waiting for you to touch Him.  Sometimes we have to ask, “Lord diagnose me”. I’ll never forget the KJV 2 Peter 2:16, he made that scripture very personal.

Each night praise and worship was high and altar call was something that was needed and welcomed. One night I was at altar call and did not remember how I go there. I saw people worship freely and let go of some of those chains that were holding them up.  

By Saturday March 29 I was worn out but the one thought that stayed with me was “Does Pastor Mike have a plan for March Madness 2015?”

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