Just On Time

Growing up in church there was one song that was a constant.  He’s an on time God. (Yes, He is.)  As you become older and closer to Him you realize that God is on time and that your time is not important.  In today’s society of Smart Phones, Instant Messaging, and oh, yeahmicrowaves we want what we want right now. If it doesn’tcome right now then something must be wrong.  Your mind immediately goes to not only is something wrong, something is wrong with me.

Why is it not happening for me the way that I envisioned it? What about the plans that I had? The goals I had. Do they not exist? Am I not worthy of my dreams coming true? One day I was speaking the words from the sitcom Being Mary Jane. “Where’s your man? Where’s your kids? Where’s your happily ever after?” Out of nowhere my 8 year old son says to me, “Mom this ain’t no fairytale. This ain’t once upon a time.”

We both laughed for a while, sometimes I don’t realize how much my sons pay attention to me. Once laughter had passed I began to think about some of those things and then it dawned on me that many of the things that I have possession of or that I have experienced I never would have thought of it for myself.  So just maybe some of the things we want for our own pleasure in reality is not in God’s plan.  All day long we can ponder, “Why don’t I have this?”,  “Why don’t I have that?”. The truth is that God is in control but you ask what about “faith without works” and “if you believe it you can receive it”?  

God wants us to have awesome things, awesome friendships, and awesome relationships. Though what He wants first is our attention, our time and to realize that all good things occur in God’s time.

So, the next time you are sitting and having a “Whoa as me moment” and you’re wondering where is your significant other, where is your new car or home just remember He may not come when you want Him to but He will be there right on time. He’s an on time God. Yes, He is!!!!!  


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