Warm Peanut Butter Cookies

I've probably seen this person numerous times. I never spoke. Never had the opportunity. Never had a reason to. I could tell he was good at what he did but our paths never crossed, or I probably didn't pay attention if they did. 

I tend to stay in my own little world and my circle of peers is close and limited. I've learned a lot over the years about having too many people  in my space. 

Within the past months this person has been placed directly in my space. I've had to come out of myself and embrace the newness of the situation. I remained cordial and approachable. 

Maybe the universe has opened up this experience for me to open up. I'm sitting down one day reading and I hear his voice, "You want a cookie?" I look up and this guy is presenting me with warm peanut butter cookies. 

I take the cookie and as he walks away I think, "Who does that?" But it's not the last thing he shares and soon we talk more. We talk about life, school and our faith. He teaches me how to navigate his MAC book and introduces me to new music. 

One day I'm busy with day to day stuff and I reflect on a friend telling me that I sit up in my tree and watch as the world goes by. "Why not come down a few branches?" Lol

As I'm reflecting I hear God say. "This guy you can trust." So I open up more and it's been really good just being myself without worrying about other unnecessary stuff. 

But do you know how I know this is a God moment? This guy carries oil with him daily. He's a Believer and he doesn't hide that. Yes!!!! 

Just to think that this really cool experience started over warm peanut butter cookies. I'm so thankful for those moments when the only thing you can say is, "God did that!"

Sometimes God places good things before us and we can get in our own way thus blocking blessings. Get out of your way God has incredible things for you. 


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