Tis The Season To Shred & Remove The Clutter

I've been on the path to declutter my life. By getting rid of items that clutter your space you're also creating a healthy mind. Why not begin the year with nicely organized spaces? 

Since summer I've been pulling stuff out of the garage, closets and corners. We sort through it. It's then either thrown away, given away or organized very neatly. No, I haven't done it alone. There's no way I could have. I needed someone who had no connection to my stuff. 

Those guys are Heaven Scent. They came up with the idea to help people organize their homes hence organizing their lives. So if you come to my home and you see a clutter free area or a really organized closet or bookcase it was probably a Heaven Scent production. 

I have a way to go but I'm so glad I've started the process. The next two days I'll be shredding and filling up recycle bins and garbage cans. It actually feels good letting go of stuff that has no place in my home. 

Wow!!! Two cars can now fit in the garage. 


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