Awaited 2013 ~ Crossroads Oakley

Imagine sitting at your computer waiting for 4pm to log on to a site to get tickets to attend a play. Then imagine waiting 90 minutes to obtain those tickets.  That was me on November 30 when Awaited tickets became available. And guess what? The tickets were free. 

Awaited is Crossroads very creative interpretation of the birth of Christ. I first saw it two years ago and over the years since I didn't fair well in the ticket area. This year I was ready. So was Awaited worth the hassle? Let's see:

-Kettle corn
-Hot cocoa
-A beautifully decorated atrium that reminds me of being a little girl visiting Shillitos, in downtown Cincinnati. 
-A play that is so amazing and the best part is the snow falling, no it's the singing of O Come All Ye Faithful...... It's so many beautiful things. And yes it's worth it. Everyone should attend at least once. For me I'll attempt attending once a year. 

I awaited for this moment. Happy Holidays!!!


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