About That Last Post.....God Hears Us

After I wrote the last post I received several responses one being, "Yeah, I know that feeling." Another one was from my cousin, " I GOT YOUR HOLIDAY FUNK!! THAT TREE IN THE BASEMENT GRRRRRR". 

She's been trying to get that tree to me for weeks. Well after church on Sunday we venture out to go and get it. Initially when I see the tree my first thought was, that box is big. Then I hear, y'all need the ornaments too. Ugh!!!! 

This is a true story now. My older son and I take the tree home, get it in the house and......we took a nap. 

Hours later my younger son comes home and sees the box and yells out "Christmas tree!!!" He begins to open the box and get all excited. I did mention it was nap time right? I couldn't yell at him for being excited about Christmas. Well, I could have but it would have been just wrong of me. 

So my son and I get up and put the tree together. We decorate it and turn on the fire place. I tape Christmas cards to the mantle and tidy up the living room. We send out emails and text messages of the tree. 

The look on my son's face was so happy and content. He told me now we need cookies, presents and company. Whoa!!! Hold on. Now he needs a nap. Lol

Thanks Lora aka Loopy for our beautiful tree. 

Probably the biggest lesson learned is that God hears us. He desires to bless us. God wants us to ask for those things that He wants to give us. Even a restoration of holiday cheer. Right as I'm writing this I receive a text from a friend that I've not seen in years. "Can we stop by tomorrow?" Hmmm.... I'd need to buy some cookies and cocoa. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

1 John 5:14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.


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