The Sisterhood ~ Am I My Sister's Keeper?

Last Sunday my cousin, yes you Lora, texted me to watch The Sisterhood. She told me it was about women of the church. I'm thinking it's a documentary on the women of the church and how they have impacted it. I missed the show but she told me it came back on at eleven. It's Christmas break and I have nothing to do but stay up late and watch T.V. My friend Mike calls me and asked me what I was doing, I told him I was getting ready to watch The Sisterhood. His response was "Oh, I'm staying on the phone for this!" He apparently knew something that I didn't. The first ten minutes I sat and said nothing as he laughed uncontrollably and said "Arlinda, is your mouth on the floor?" Yes, it was.

I couldn't say anything for awhile. I'm saved. I go to church. I have girlfriends who are saved. I know some First Ladies. This was a bit much initially. Handcuffs, bananas, condoms and I vowed to continue watching. I believe what I was waiting for was that moment of someone giving me a Word for God. Yeah, I know, it's a reality show about First Ladies and how they have struggles like everyone else. Now they all had really nice homes and cars, yet one pastor discussed struggling with having one child and he didn't know about having another one. Another pastor had to decide between paying the light bill at home and at church but his wife owns a boutique. Hmm? Close the doors to the church where people come for healing and refuge but keep the boutique open? That must have been a difficult decision for real.

Now I can say that since my first viewing I have watched 3 additional times. I'm trying to get a general understanding of the vision of the program. Is it to uplift or tear down sisters. I mean it's entitled The Sisterhood but in that first episode I didn't feel that. I know with my girlfriends we support and uplift one another through both difficult and celebratory moments. And yes, Ms. Ivy we use scripture when we come together. None of us are First Ladies but we do know that you can't evangelize without using scripture even though most of us know scripture. Thanks to Ms. Ivy I also need to research 2 Timothy 1:2

For my closest friend and I, it was Tara who spoke to our spirit. Man if I had the boldness of Tara I'd be speaking the Word of God all over the place. What she say? "My effectiveness is not questionable!" Amen! I think that as women we have to say to one another I need what you have to say to me and I won't knock you for using the Word, for the Word edifies and brings forth life and light. Let my toils and testaments bless other people when I am delivered from them.

So from now on when I'm going through I know that God will connect me to the women that say "You know what? I know I'm emotional and I know I'm hurt but you know what I need right now? I need a word of faith." Tell 'em Tara!!!!!!!!!!
Sisters, let's keep each other by praying and speaking life to each other. Am I my sister's keeper? Yes, I am..


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