Brian Williams ~ Creator of Ravenhammer Comics

Back in October of last year I decided to look for another car. I made an appointment at a local dealership to speak to someone. When I got there the salesman, that I was to meet, was not available so they told me someone would be with me. This is how I met Brian Williams of Ravenhammer Comics. He sold me a car, that I apparently needed desperately, and we became friends.
I must have been in his office for four hours, or at least it seemed like it. He told me of his dreams and visions for his company. I went to his site and even bought several comic books for my Kindle. Now, I am not a comic book reader, but I love his books and their socially conscious stories. I love the colorfulness of the graphics and how when I get into the storyline it ends prompting me to purchase another book.
Please check out his site and pick up one or two of his books. You will not be disappointed.  



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