But, You Said ~ Da'dra Crawford Greathouse

Da'dra Crawford Greathouse is a national gospel recording artist (Anointed) and Worship Leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. Yesteday she posted a powerful message on Facebook that I thought I would share on this site. You will be encouraged by her message.


I overslept yesterday morning, so I didn't get a chance to tell you about what happened the night before. I was up very late because my youngest son had me trapped! The previous night, he asked if I could paint his face so he looked like he tiger. I said yes. (That was my 1st mistake LOLOL) But, it was so late, I told him to go to bed and I would do it in the morning. Well.....morning came and we were running behind (busy households know what I'm talking about LOL) and the 1st thing he asked when we were rushing was, "Mom, do you remember YOU SAID you were going to paint my face like a tiger?" I told him I remembered, but we had to get moving and that I would paint his face when we got home that evening. He exclaimed, "But, MOM....YOU SAID...!"

Well, evening came and I was still cooking and cleaning and around 11:00 p.m. he comes in the room saying, "Mom....remember YOU SAID you were gonna paint my face? I have the paint and my brushes? Please Mom, Please?" At that point, I had to honor my word and follow through. Why? I want to teach my children to be people of integrity and to the best of their ability, keep their word. I also want to give them an earthly example of what a relationship with God is like. He keeps His word. So...EXHAUSTED AND READY TO GO TO SLEEP, I agreed to do the face paint...even though he was only going to have it on for a few minutes because it was way past his bedtime. LOL But, Ps. 15:1, 'Who may worship in your sanctuary, LORD?...those who keep their promises even when it hurts.' Ummm, Even when it hurts...that was me. LOL

The following morning, this came to me...we should all be like children. When you children you are going to do something, they will not release it! LOL They won't give up and they will stay in expectation until you do exactly what you said you would do. My son kept saying, "You said...but you said...but you said." And that is what you need to say. "But, God you said you would supply all my needs according to your riches (not mine) in glory. But, you said the you would make me the head and not the tail. You said you would make to be above only and not beneath. You said you would make me a lender and not a borrower. You said that by your stripes, I WAS healed, so I need a manifestation! You said that I would be blessed coming in and going out. You said that you would open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that I would not have room enough to contain!

See, when you do this, you are reminding God of His promises to YOU! Is. 43:26 says, "Put me in remembrance: let us contend together: state your case, that you may be proved right." I love it! Why would God need to be reminded of anything? Reminding Him is not for Him...IT'S FOR YOU! God is telling you right now to remind Him of what He has declared for your life. And listen when you find the promises in His word, you need to SPEAK them out loud. Why? Let me give you 2 reasons: 1)There is power in what you say! You will have what you say and if you say the right things, then you life will go in the right direction. 2) Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. In other words...your faith to believe what God has spoken to you will only come by hearing these words spoken over your life. Let me tell you, I always thought this scripture limited the speaking to a teacher or preacher or someone else. I thought that my faith would increase if I heard someone else speak it over my life. But, I have come to realize that faith comes by HEARING and you can hear yourself speaking over your own life.

Who am I talking to today? You don't have to wait for some one to give you a word...you speak the word over your own life! LOL I love it! Oh, I feel it this morning. You are the architect of your own destiny and God has already drawn up the plans! Put God in remembrance of them! Tell Him, God, YOU SAID that I would be married. YOU SAID that you open up new doors for me. YOU SAID that I would not die but LIVE and declare your works. YOU SAID it ain't over until YOU SAY it's over. YOU SAID that you would never leave me nor forsake me. YOU SAID that I would recover all! YOU SAID, that you would give me double for my trouble. YOU SAID that you would make my enemies my footstool. YOU SAID that I am more than a conqueror. YOU SAID THAT I AM VICTORIOUS IN YOU!

What has God said to you? He will keep His word if you say what He said. If you receive it, shout, "YEAH!" Whew. Have a blessed, prosperous and productive day. I'm gonna go workout now. Love ya'll


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