Breakfast With My Boys

Well summer is upon us. It's been a bit of a slow down for my family. At least enough of a slow down that for one whole week I was able to prepare and eat breakfast with my sons. Not only did they help, but on some mornings breakfast was ready when I woke up. Yay!!

 It really didn't hit me to about Wednesday that this was actually occurring. It's so easy to get lost in moments or to take moments for granted.

As we sat around with our pancakes, scrabbled eggs and Kroger's Homestyle Orange Juice (but of course!!! lol) we laughed and talked about plans for the summer and the newness this upcoming school year will bring. To see them laughing and full of life brought such joy to me. Not mention that after breakfast each morning my younger son put a whooping on us playing Uno. Who knew you could stack the Draw 2's and Draw 4's? Alex and I didn't. Lol.

During the school year it's so hectic with work, making sure homework is completed, keeping paperwork filled out, and attending basketball games. Sometimes we are doing something just grabbing a handful of cereal as we push out the door.

So during this summer, as much as our schedules permit we will sit and have our meals together because before we know it these opportunities will be few and far between.


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