Sinners & Saints by Victoria Christopher Murray and Reshonda Tate Billingsley




Sinners and Saints was the first novel I read this year. I won’t lie either, I bought it because one of the authors is a friend on FB. So as I was walking through the bookstore I saw the book and thought “Don’t I know that author?”

It took about a month for me to open the book up but once I did I could not put it down. Murray and Billingsley had me up early in the morning and late at night trying to figure out what Rachel and Jasmine would do next. What I really loved about the book is the realness of how some church folk are. There are some people who are all about the power and will stop at nothing to get it. The pastors in this story were so loving and they saw past the faults of others, including their wives. Talking about rising above the ashes. I loved each of them so much that I was hoping the best for both of them.

Being raised in church all of my life and working in ministry I could easily see how competiveness can become divisive and exhausting. You really have to read Sinners and Saints. It’s an enjoyable book with twists and turns like you would not believe. By the end of the book you can really relate to both of the main characters, Rachel and Jasmine. You then have to decide who’s team you’re own. As for me. Well let’s just say I would have been trying to find a way out too even if it put me into a negative light.


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