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Darryl Lambert

A little over a year ago I was introduced to the name of Darryl Lambert when I was looking for a photographer for a friend’s wedding. We ended up using someone else but I thought it was good idea to friend him on Fb, just in case someone else needed some pics taken.

Well, since that time I have seen some amazing pictures on his Fb page. It kinda reminds me of when I went to a Gordon Parks Exhibit at the Art Museum years ago. Darryl’s pictures tell beautiful urban stories of family, fashion and fun. To add to his gift of having an “eye” for the camera he’s also a barber. He tags himself as the “Barber’s Barber”

I have seen incredible pics of little boys with haircuts that will have you asking them, “Who cuts your hair?” It’s been tempting to send my own child his chair. His pics are very diverse and they will immediately grab your attention.

Within the past months I saw a pic of one of his female customer’s. Darryl had shaped her eyebrows. Light bulbs went off. After a traumatic eyebrow experience over the summer I had now found someone who I knew had a good “eye” and appreciated the details. So couple of weeks ago I went and sat in the chair and experienced the “Barber’s Barber”

Professional and considerate. Yeah, that sums that experience. If you need some pictures taken, a rocking haircut that separates you from the rest, or you simply need your brows shaped so your makeup will look a bit hotter. Check out Darryl Lambert.

Here are some pics from his Fb page.


DLamb Photos


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