Strong Challenge Card ~ Prayer ~Light A Candle




Light A Candle

First, think of a hope you have—big or little, it doesn't matter. Write it down in your journal. Then, light a candle, and as you do, share that hope with God in prayer. Watch the flame and smoke rise up from the candle and envision your prayer rising to God.



Lord I hope I figure out how to balance it all. I hope my debt decreases so that I can increase in my home and ministry. I hope that I learn to completely trust Your designs for my life. I hope I don't just let anyone come into my life again. I hope to seek out friends who are after Your heart. I hope that my children will continue to seek You after I am called home. I hope You know that even in my most difficult trials I love You and I know that You love me. On my worst days I feel Your hands drying my tears and soothing my heart. I hope You know that.


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