For some reason lately I have noticed the need to use the Refresh button on my computer. This is generally after I have input some new information and I want to see the new results. Or if my computer screen is frozen I’ll select the Refresh button to send a signal to my computer to update my screen.

When I think of the word refresh two things immediately come to my mind. Water and iced tea. With tea being my favorite drink of choice and water being the element that calms my soul, whether hearing it run from a fountain or watching it flow from a beach view. The picture included in this blog was taken by my son on a trip to Daytona, Florida. Is there nothing more refreshing than to walk along a beach as the water brushes us  up against you?

This summer I felt God calling for me to be refreshed. He needed to send a signal to me to get some new results. Not that the current results were not good but God was saying that He needed my spirits refreshed so that His work could be done more effectively.

For several years I had traveled with my son to basketball tournaments but after after the birth of my younger son I stopped travelling and relied on my son’s pictures to take me out of town. This summer we received a gift of vacation to Kissimmee, Florida. Once I arrived in Florida God said to me, “This is how you rest, how you refresh.” We spent a lot of time at the swimming pools. While I wasn’t in the water much I didn’t ignore the clearness and the beauty of the water. Each time that I sat near the water I became still, calm and in tuned to an inner voice.

After several days of sitting near the Lazy River I finally went and sat on the wall and allowed the water to cover parts of me. To tell the truth I could have sat there for hours. What peace. How refreshing.

Copy of Spring 2011 005


God needs us to be refreshed, renewed and restored. He needs us in tuned to His voice and His instructions. Think about the heat right now and how when you go outside you need to stay hydrated so that you won’t become ill, or pass out. You have to  keep filling up you water bottle or whatever you are using as a container. When you are filling up the bottle you are refreshing your supply so that you can go on being productive.

So now, when you are becoming weak and you feel like you need something more from God simply say “Lord, refresh me so that I can continue on with your will.”

Lord refresh me.

 So that by God’s will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company ~ Romans 15:32


Moving Forward by Israel Houghton


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