EDC Author Appreciation Month!

EDC Author Appreciation Month!
Celebrate with us June 20 - July 20, 2011
Hosted by Ella Curry of EDC Creations Media Group
Sixty percent of the proceeds will go to the LA Banks Share Your Heart fund. Read details here.

Thousands of people — educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers — devote their time and resources to presenting the reader with great books!  However, too many outstanding books do not get the attention and reader support that they deserve. It is our mission to connect readers with these hidden gems and bring them books that will change their lives. Your book could be the next one presented!

We are offering authors and small business owners fantastic packages to spread the word about their products. Take a look below and let us know if we can help you announce your latest project to our waiting readers!  We can expand your literary landscape by thousands of readers in about 2 weeks!

EDC Creations offers proven, cutting-edge approaches to online book promotion including virtual book launches that include contests and ebook presentations, eblasts, blog tours, social networking, Amazon review campaigns, online media kits, blog promotion, article placement, and more. Check out the wonderful Summer specials below for more details.  You are NOT alone, let Ella and her crew expand your literary landscape!

Black Authors Network Radio Package  •  $55.00
Are you one of the countless authors that continue to search for free and/or low cost ways to promote your books?
You are not alone, however you have come to the right place. EDC Creations offers low cost promotional platforms for today's writers and poets. One such package is listed below. We invite you to reserve your spot today on the couch with Ella!

•• BAN Radio Show Intimate Conversations with Ella Curry ••

•  exclusive 60 minute interview with Ella Curry on BAN Radio Show
•  full promotion and syndication of interview to Black Pearls Magazine
•  interview posted in 2 RSS feed newsletters distributed to 118, 000 readers
•  interview sent out in EDC Creations group eblast to 135, 000 subscribers
•  interview promoted on 10 sites including Facebook and Twitter

Click here to make all payments: http://www.edc-creations.com/payments.htm


Black Pearls Magazine Book Blurb •  $75.00
We are celebrating those with the unique vision of what's important to our readers.
I'd like to invite you to showcase your book with  Black Pearls Magazine - where authors get their chance to shine and book lovers get the opportunity to discover priceless literary gems.  Our readers can dream as big as possible and let their imaginations become unbridled as they explore the pages of Black Pearls Magazine Online! 

The BPM Book Promotion Includes:
• Evening with Ella Reading and Interview on BAN Radio Show (30 minutes)
• Book excerpt  posted to Black Pearls Magazine "Reading Room" for bookclubs
• Interview included on "Featured Authors" front page of Black Pearls Magazine
• Interview included on two other major pages of Black Pearls Magazine
• Book added to "Featured Section" of  Black Pearls Magazine Online Bookstore
• Bookcover in the left sidebar "Featured Section" of  BPM front page for 2 months
• Book included in EDC Creations traveling book show for 60 days


Chocolate Social Book Promotion •  $99.00 per campaign
If you can't attend the Chocolate Social in Atlanta
, let EDC Creations promote your book for the next 2 months!  Ella Curry travels to most major literary events. She will distribute your promotional material in her gift bags, mail-out your material in the BAN Radio Show gifts and showcase your book to her audience of 135,000 email readers! 

Your book will be included in the keepsake journal passed out to all the bookclub presidents at the event. A written interview will be posted on the front of Black Pearls Magazine August edition and on all 18 of our sites. This is a wonderful way to introduce your book to bookclubs and their presidents.

Book or products on display during the Atlanta Chocolate Social Book Expo and add to the Grand Prize gift bag at the end of the event.

•  30 minute interview on Black Authors Network Radio Show ($45.00 value)
•  Black Pearls Magazine written interview posted on front page ($75.00 value)
•  Group Eblast to our 135,000 readers of the EDC Creations Database ($99.00 value)
•  Featured Author on Black Pearls Online Newsletter ($45.00 value)
•  Book excerpt posted to 20 literary blogs, websites and discussion boards
•  Book added to sidebar in Black Pearls Magazine Reading Room
•  Interview included on two other major pages of Black Pearls Magazine
•  Book included in EDC Creations traveling book show for 60 days
•  Promotional material added to all event swag bags and mail-out from EDC Creations

Make all payments here today: http://www.edc-creations.com/payments.htm

We look forward to sharing your information with our network!  Ella will email instructions within 24-48 hours. 

Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President of  EDC Creations Media
Black Authors Network Radio-Founder
Black Pearls Magazine Online -Founder


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