I Just Want To Run From It

We often teach that if you are struggling through something 
That is a good thing
Ummm….. I really don’t want to hear that right now
I just want to run from it
Though running from it won’t aid me in growing through it
But running from it will help me avoid
Coming out of my comfort zone, even if it’s not too comfy right now
That feeling that sometimes creeps in of not being good enough
Even when I know I am more than enough
 I really want to run away through some lavish lavender fields
To a beautiful cottage by a lake
Like in the storybook I read in my youth
But it’s not a storybook
And I don’t know where any cottages are
Let alone a lake
And the lavender fields have bloomed and been sold
So where do I run to?
Do I run?
Should I run?
It could all be so simple
But it’s not because
I have learned that if you don’t go through your experiences 
And get the lesson
You end up repeating the lesson until
You stop running
And simply allow the lesson to unfold
The most interesting thing about this lesson 
It’s patient with me
It teaches me constantly
It encompasses me with a strength that’s protective
It guides me
It supports me
Yet, I want to run from it
There’s this theory that if I run
Disappointment will never have a chance to set in


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