Guess Who? 2K17 ~ This One Is On You

This I dedicate to Mr. Ridgley.....
I pray that all things work out for you. 

Remind me again why you returned to my life?
No, seriously entertain me with your answers. 
How many times can you crush my heart?
Attempt to drown my spirits?
Exactly how many times?
You’ve done it 3 times.
The last was the charm.
Did you really pack up and tell me you were going back?
Dude… Seriously?
The last 10 months of this?
Part of the almost 20 years of this?
And this is how you rock with me?
I've sat in ICU praying over you. 
I've held your hand on the cancer floor.
Listening to your heart cry.
Wiping away the pain, the anguish.
I’ve been there as you deal with tubes, scars and uncertainties. 
And you decide that I don't treat you like a man. 
That once again the hell with me and you go back?
Again… Oh, and leave you alone. Don't talk to you. 
You know what? You're real smart, quite the intelligent soul. 
I gotta question for you.
Do you know whose daughter I am? Tsk...
You know I'm a King’s kid? Right? Please don't get it twisted me and my Daddy tight. 
He don't take kindly to the mistreatment of his own. 
Especially when they are anointed and created on purpose for purpose.
I ain't even gonna hit you with "you gonna reap what you sow'. 
Nah, that's too easy for you.
How about the enemy will be made your footstool?
Or remember how quickly you got up through….Submit to God, Resist the devil and he will flee. 
As I draw close to Him, He draws close to me.
You're double minded
Not even realizing that the favor that rested on me was falling on you.
You ever wonder why the doctors were amazed at your recovery?
You were anointed and prayed over daily.
But you... With your selfish unappreciative self.
You leave carnage on your journey and you don't give one damn about anyone but yourself. 
I'm gonna do you a favor. 
Imma pray really hard because you're gonna need it. 
The price you're about the pay…
For the pain, hurt...
Man… You got your out
but the repercussion for this?
You may just have to pay with the very thing you're fighting for.


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