The Awesomeness of Savannah James

Last Fall my son informs me that his brother has been invited to a basketball tryout in Akron, Ohio. We had played with a couple of travel teams from other states so that didn't bother me. I just hadn't heard them talk about any teams in northern Ohio. That's when Alex informs me that it's an organization that Lebron James' sons, Bronny and Bryce will be playing for.

We travel up 71N and upon entering the rec center I get nervous. My son had already been through some basketball drama and now he was trying out for a team that has a high profile family affliated with it. His anxiousness easily became mine. In the gym we see people we know and we talk. Of course the boys want to know if Lebron would be there. They are told no, but Savannah is here. "Is she?" I thought. My older son points her out and in that moment I thought "Wow!"

In this age of reality t.v. that shows the drama of basketball moms and wives there was Savannah James, tending to her children, laughing and hanging out with her family and friends. There was nothing about her that said drama or showed any sense of arrogance. As the tryouts went on she was just like other moms in the gym and that made the experience so much better. Later I'm walking back from the car and Savannah and I cross paths and we both gave each other a pleasant "Hey!" It was the "Hey" that women give each other who don't know each other but the genuine politeness is there.

After a couple more basketball trips I have had a chance to spend time with the team and the families. By now the boys on the teams are getting used to each other and the families are beginning to get to know each other. When word gets out that Bronny or Bryce is playing in the gym the courts fill up. Savannah keeps it low key. I've sat near her and listened to people ask around or mention her sons. She doesn't acknowledge the attention of the onlookers but she keeps her focus on her pride and joy.  

I remember one cold morning in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were all in the gym watching the kids warm up and just making small talk. I didn't even see her in the area and when I turned around she said, "Good Morning" to everyone.  Afterwards she walked towards where her family sat. There are things that set us apart but on this cold wintery morning in Ft. Wayne we both simply wanted a good morning and for our sons to play well.

The amazing thing about Savannah James is that she treats everyone in a manner that is polite, kind and gracious. With the portrayal of so many negative images of celebrities and their spouses Savannah James is definitely a standard to follow and that is absolutely awesome. #wecametoplay


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