Ryan S. Ragland, J.D. ~ What Excellence Looks Like

First let me say I've been waiting for years to be able to post these pictures of when Ryan was a little girl. Her mom and I would sit in my parents living room, probably watching BET and eating trail mix while Ryan got her hair combed. My father, who didn't miss too many moments, captured Ryan in a not so happy state.

On tomorrow family and friends will travel to Columbus, Ohio  to witness this amazing young lady being sworn in at the State House as an attorney. Wow!!! It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were trying to figure out the word lists at Marva Collins, watching her excel with honors at Walnut Hills or moving her into her UC apartment when Ike decided to hit our city. 

Ryan has always been an achiever, sometimes it's hard to believe that she worries about anything because she works so hard at "doing well". I thought this blog would be hard to write because I've seen her go through high school and college. I've listened to her in good times and adverse times. The road has been hers to travel and Ms. Ryan, you've done it in complete excellence. You are what excellence looks like. You've keep your eyes on your goals and one by one you've achieved them all.  The village celebrates you and all of your accomplishments. 

We all love you so much and we are looking forward to the amazing journey that awaits you. 


  1. First off, I need to comment on that fro!!! ���������������������� Initially, I thought it was a wig! I am in complete agreement with everything this blog says! Ry, you are absolutely amazing! I call you my lil sis, but there are so many times you've been more like a big sister to me. You're such an inspiration to me! Watching you work so hard to accomplish your dreams drives me to do the same. Thank you for all that you are! I love you to the moon and back! I would wish you well, but there's no need-you're already on that road to success and greatness! ������


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