Saved In The City

Last week my niece sat for the Bar for 3 days. Now that Ryan had finished Law School I knew that her coming back home to Cincinnati was going to change some things, I just didn't think it would be so soon. You see I am such a "homegirl". Like really, just give me some books, magazines and a throw blanket and it's all I need. I come out only when necessary or sometimes dragged. Lol Ryan thinks I need to get out more and experience new things. 

On Monday the plan was to go shopping at Kenwood Mall and then we were going to the Chart House for lunch. I don't just think that Ryan was excited, I now believe this to be her "normal." In my mind I'm thinking the mall is too big. How many stores does this entail? First stop Macy's shoe department and the Mac Counter. Now..... I love shoes but just browsing the MAC area was like breathing new air. I watched as Ryan got a new lip and saw that MAC had several multi-colored eyeshadow selections. What? I need to add the Eye Shadow X9 and Eye Shadow X15 to my cosmetic bag. Let me catch my breath. I'm browsing through the lipstick and something caught my eye, I excitedly told her and her mom "Is that Kate Spade? I gotta go." I left them and I went over to look at the Kate Spade purses, (see pic below) one of those purses will be mine I just know it. I really like the black and white one in front of the black bag, I mean just in case someone wanted to bless me. #smile.

After leaving the Kate Spade area I walked over to the Michael Kors selections and it was hard to contain myself. Every purse I saw just did something to me. They were all so beautiful. 

Ok, after I had this incredible moment I thought it would be time for lunch. No, the journey had only started and by the time we left Kenwood I had discovered Lush and Nordstroms. "Do you want to go to the Kate Spade store?" Ryan asked. "No, no. I can't do that to myself." I did peep in from a distance though. It's something about Kate Spade that makes my little heart flutter. In Lush I discovered natural skincare products where samples are made fresh daily and kept on ice. That place was kinda cool and listening to people explain the products reminded me of being in Whole Foods or something. 

By now I'd taken nearly 3,000 steps and we realized that Chart House doesn't open until 4:30. So where should we go? Of course I think Cheesecake Factory becuase it's right there and I'm a bit tired and I want to nap. It was just convenient. Ryan suggests the Yard House on The Banks. The wheels in my brain start turning. We are in Kenwood. the Yard House is on the river. I like naps. (Please pray for me.) Well to the Yard House we went. We find a meter and go inside and outside seating is requested. It's hot. I'm a trooper though and so we venture out to the covered patio area and this happens. 

Outside eating at the Yard House turned out to be everything that I love. Wide open spaces, beautiful views, and as Stephanie would say, the ambiance was really nice. It sealed the deal. We sat and upon looking at the menu that had one of my favorite appetizers. Lettuce Wraps.

As we were eating my niece, with her MAC red lip asked, "Well how did you enjoy your day?" Ok, Ryan you win. I need to get out more. After a day of resisting I had discovered so many cool things in my city that I wouldn't have discovered wrapped up on my couch reading a magazine. 

To my niece, Ryan, one I'm so proud you and two, thanks for encouraging me to do new things and for coming back home to save me in the city. 


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