Preserved For Greater

Tonight I'm reflecting on how God has me tucked away. Yes, I sometimes go through my "Why God" moments. I'm like , "Okay if You can perform all the miracles in the Bible surely what I'm requesting is minor." I get that same quietness from Him each time. 

Today I've gone from chair to couch to bed all day. I've not really been feeling myself lately. Again I'm going to God. He knows I have things to do. Between lesson plans, grad school, my family and everything else, He knows now is not the time for me to break down. Didn't He heal and raise people from the dead? I need healing. Where's His hem? (Oh, wait. That will preach.) Still, more silence from God. 

Stephanie reminds me earlier today that Let The Church Say Amen is coming on BET. I sit from 8-10 and I watch the movie and guess what, God begins to speak. Well, I'm worn out now all I could do was listen. 

He says to me that I will marry again and that He has preserved me for greater than what I would want for myself. I'm like really God, you have me ducked off in the cut? (Please pray for me I had a hood moment.) God's response was, "Yeah, you've been hidden for an eyes have not seen, ears have not heard moment."

After God speaks the character in the movie says this. "Some prayers might still be circling around in heaven. God will get around to fulfilling them in His time." I immediately think of the scripture that talks about God perfecting those things that concern me. 

Maybe that perfecting is keeping me single to focus on His will and His ways. Maybe it's keeping me from myself. Hmmm... Maybe He's hidden me to prepare me for what He created for me in eternity. I've decided that in the meantime I'll wait patiently for Him to bring me out of hiding for those good and perfect gifts He has for me. 

God preserves us for greater. Wait for it. 


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