Prepare Myself For You ~ Excerpt From Ghetto Chick by Arlinda McGlothin-McKinley

Dear Lord,

I’m having a hard time. Things aren’t going the way I would like them to. My heart aches and my self-esteem is low. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, unmanageable.

But I see my chocolate boys and realize that I have to keep pressing. Many people see and don’t know how when he left it hurt so badly, so deep.

I saw my child falling and didn’t know how to pull him up. The best is all I want, to move from this and rise into a survivor and a worshipper.

My favorite day of the week is Saturday. That is when I prepare for You! On Sunday I don’t want anyone to know or see me falling apart. I want my mind and heart in the right place to teach Your Word, sing Your praises, and worship You”

“In your presence I want all to realize that throughout all the obstacles and pain. The most important thing for me to do is to Prepare Myself For You.”

Excerpt From: Arlinda C. McGlothin - McKinley. “Ghetto Chick.”, 2011-06-27. iBooks. 
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