My Search Turned To Serenity

This weekend I set out to find a notebook to write sermon notes in. I started at the grocery store and everything was too plain and too simple for what I was looking for. I continued my quest today.  A friend sent me to a Christian bookstore on Winton Road. I drive there and guess what? It was closed. So I thought, I am going to Staples on Reading Road. That is where the last notebook came from. I wanted the notebook to be cute, compact, with a ring binder and with lined paper. You see, I've learned to be specific with my requests. Plus where I write notes from sermons has to be in a special book so I can seek it out easily.

I arrive at Staples and I see a row of notebooks. I walk down the aisle to the compact notebooks. Now, I'm getting somewhere. The notebooks I liked were a little bigger than what I previously had and I was okay with that. I go through the pile and I see pretty pink notebooks but they have cats on them. Well, I'm not a cat person. Then a grainy looking book catches my eye and the words are covered up with paper binding. I can't make out what the cover says so I gently lift the binder and I read the beginning of the Serenity Prayer. I was completely sold at that moment. Now that I think about it, the notebook was everything I wanted and more. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and He will add. 

I often share and I will continue to share that my mornings begin with Matthew 6:33, the Serenity Prayer and the Prayer of Jabez. So yes, I believe that God ordered my steps to Staples and sent me down that aisle to find my notebook. I went on a search for a notebook. In the end I found serenity. I feel blessed indeed because God granted me what I asked for. Actually God granted exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could have asked for. 


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