My 31 Day Blog Challenge

As August was slowly coming towards me I knew I had to prepare to get ready for another school year. I needed to do something that would get my mind into gear so I challenged myself to blog everyday during the month of August. When I missed a day, or two, I then decided to have as many blogs in August as there were days. This post will be the 31st post for the month.

Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and encouragement.  I almost feel as if in 31 days I cleansed myself of negative thoughts and perceptions of myself. I went back through some of the titles and was amazed and encouraged. I believe I'm moving toward operating at my highest self. Summer was really good to me. I saw my family at peace and achieving. I laughed a lot with an incredible group of friends nearly every Sunday. I tried to stay on track with my weightloss. It was a summer that I won't soon forget. And then there's him..... Hmmm. #allsmiles Yes, it was a really good summer. 

Again thank you.

This Above All To Thine Ownself Be True 


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