It's About To Be Different

This past Monday our pastor said so many incredible things on our Morning Manna call. One being, "It's About To Be Different." He spoke on how the enemy brings up our past and tries to ruin our joy. You could be on your path to healing and greatness and hear something that reminds you of how you used to be and what you used to do. Sometimes that sends us spiraling into sadness and depression. Like Pastor Mike told us on Monday, "Don't let your past ruin your today." You have come too far to turn around. You've done the work to be at peace with those who have hurt you and with yourself. God has greater for you. Keep pressing forward. When trials and tribulations arise don't worry and be anxious for nothing.

Today is the first day of August and I have experienced so many blessings this year. In 8 months I have traveled and watched God work through my children, I've almost completed a program at Xavier, I've lost 60 pounds, and I have decided that in regards to God I don't have any more no's. Oh yeah, it's about to be different. My faith is different. My praise is different. My thankfulness is different. My view of God is different. God brought me through dangers seen and unseen specifically for His will to me done and for His goodness to come to light. 

Recently I was on Instagram and I saw a post by DiShan Washington that stopped my fingers from scrolling. I'll share her post with you but it was this sentence that silenced me and gently explained to me why I was going through a current situation. "You can strut confidently because although you haven't made all of the right decisions God still has need of you and you're here because there's purpose demanding your presence." There's purpose demanding your presence just sit and let that sink in.


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