I ❤️ Shopping For School Supplies ~ I Get It From My Mama

Growing up my mother loved shopping at Sears, on Reading Road and Lincoln. Yeah, that was a long, long time ago. I remember several things about that store. One, it was not far from our home. We could catch a bus in front of our house and be dropped off near the front door. Two, my mother loved to purchase warm cashews in a paper bag. I remember thinking as a little girl, "How is that light keeping all that stuff warm." I believe around that time I discovered chocolate covered peanuts too. The third thing I remember is my mother buying school supplies. She would get so excited about notebook paper being real inexpensive. She would always buy more than we needed. I can honestly say that having supplies for school was never an issue for us, or our friends. 

I don't know if my siblings and I really grasped my mother's excitement at that time. Oh, but today is a different story. I love, literally love shopping for school supplies and Staples makes me so happy at the beginning of the school year. Last Tuesday I went there and bought supplies for all of my students. It was so much fun picking out folders and notebooks. I immediately decided there would be no blue or red folders or notebooks and my classes would have everything they needed in order to be successful. In my search I came across really cute folders to give to special little people. 
The employees asked if I needed help and my happy response was, "No, I'm ok." All I needed was a ballroom skirt and a spot of tea. 

There is something about school and office supplies that sends me to my happy place. After leaving Staples I went to my parent's home to celebrate my father's birthday. Unknowing to me I spent $14.29 on ice cream from Graeters. (That's a whole nother blog) As I'm walking to my car my mom comes to the porch and says, "You didn't show me what you bought at Staples." She seemed kinda upset that I didn't show her. Well mom this blog is just for you. 

Yeah, I get it from my mama. 


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