The Take Off ~ From Fearful To Fearless - Da'dra Crawford Greathouse

Hey, Good morning! I’m about to go workout, but before I do, I felt in my heart the need to share this story with you. I haven’t met a person yet that hasn’t experienced being held back by fear. Some have a fear of failure while others have a fear of success, fear of the future, fear of trying new things, fear of others’ opinions or fear of people in general. Others have a strong fear of rejection or abandonment while some have a fear of heights and small places or even a strong fear of dying. Or, how about those who have a fear of being alone for the rest of their life or have a fear of not ever having the life they’ve dreamed of? And, I could go on and on with the list of fears and phobias, but I’ll end with these. It’s interesting that the scripture says fear brings torment and those of us who have lived beneath the weight of it understand just how heavy this scripture is. (Get it…weight, heavy…ok, it’s not that funny. LOL Why am I laughing? LOL) Back to my story….

Last night, I was speaking with a friend on the phone and I told her how fear is one of the most prominent emotions (and I personally believe a spirit) I remember having my entire life. The bible says that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind (self-control).(Ya’ll, I memorized verses in the King James Version so that’s what comes up. Oh, bless thy name. LOL) Back to what I was saying, I have had to pull out every weapon in my arsenal just to gain any level of victory over the spirit of fear – prayer, warfare, praise, worship, confessing the word, listening to teachings on fear over and over and over again, you name it, I’ve done it to fight it. 

You see, I believe the enemy uses fear as a way to keep us from soaring to our highest and best purpose in life. It’s like an airplane with too much weight, baggage or cargo. Have you ever been on a plane and the pilot wouldn’t take off because they had to get rid of some of the weight or the plane wouldn’t fly at its optimum speed or even worse, crash upon take off? What do they do? They wait until they remove some of the weight. Then, they take flight.

Fear is excess baggage in our lives and until we are free from its domination, we won’t be able to take off and soar the way God intended. So, my prayer for you today is that fear will loose the hold it’s had on your mind, your soul and your spirit. I pray that you will not only defeat that spirit every time it tries to come back, but that you will enter into a place of total deliverance from it’s power. The Lord is your light and your salvation, whom shall you fear? (KJV again. LOL ) In other words, your creator has conquered fear and has made you an overcomer because you are made in His image and likeness. I speak freedom over your life. I declare that you will no longer be afraid of anything or anyone and that you will go from fearful to fearless so you can take off and fly as high as God will take you. If you receive it, say, ‘Amen.’   

Da'dra Crawford Greathouse is a member of the Gospel group Anointed and currently serves as a Worship Leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. 


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